Metal Tile Designs in the Home

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A lot of times when someone hears the words “metal tiles” the first thing that comes to mind is industrial or mechanical uses for metal. This is not the case anymore when it comes to metal accent tiles. Metal tiles such as copper, stainless steel, and aluminum tiles are beginning to show up in many homes and offices of today. We also used to relate metal walls and the use of metal tiles with the restaurant industry to help provide for sanitary use in the food industry.

We will look at several different uses in the home and office where metal accent tiles cam be used.

One of the biggest areas of the home where metal tiles are becoming more and more popular is in the kitchen. Metal backsplashes are fast becoming a hit in homes today. There are several different ways that metal tiles have been integrated into the kitchen for backsplashes. If you are not familiar with the term backsplash this is the part of the wall that can be seen between the lower cabinets and upper cabinets.

Here are just some of the ways that metal tiles are used in the kitchen.

- Subway tiles: Subway tiles resemble the look of a brick wall. These tiles are placed in much the same way that bricks are laid and deeply resemble the walls of subways. Stainless steel and copper tiles are a very popular choice when it comes to choosing metal for subway tiles. Glass and ceramic subway tiles are also popular with the integration of certain metal accent tiles that can be found with different designs such as fleur de lis.

- Metal Chair Rails: Chair rails are popular with the use of wainscott walls. Metal will tiles have been used to create a border between the material used on the bottom of the walls of a room and the top materials above the chair rail. Not only do metal chair rails offer protection from the chairs scratching the wall they also add a special touch of class and elegance.


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The bathroom is another room in the home where metal accent tiles are becoming very popular. As more and more people begin to use metal choices such as bronze, copper and stainless for the fixtures and hardware that is used in bathrooms many people are adding metal accent tiles in the bathrooms to add to the elegance of the bathrooms. Metal tiles are used as accent points in many different ways in the walk-in showers and tub surrounds*. Metal is also integrated in other ways such as metal mirror frames that really brings whatever type of metal accent tile is used in the bathroom.

One reason that metal tiles are growing in popularity is the vast amount of design patterns and materials that metal tiles are available in. Metal accent tiles can be integrated into any combination to add to the great design of many different kitchen and bathrooms. Another great reason metal tiles are chosen is the long lasting and low maintenance properties they provide us. We invite you to check out our selection of stainless steel, copper and aluminum wall tiles to see the many options you have available when it comes to metal tiles.


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*Metal tiles are not recommended to be used on shower walls unless they are sealed with a proper metal tile sealer. However, they can always be used as accents on section of the shower walls that are usually not wet (i.e. above the shower head).