Modernize Your Fireplace with a Metal Tile Surround

Metal / Aluminum Fireplace Surround EMT_AL12-MIX-CB


Metal tiles are popular these days. They are versatile, adding functionality and durability in today’s kitchens and bathrooms, while also helping beautify and modernize a space at an affordable cost. They also work well with other types of materials, such as glass or stone.

Metallic tiles are now being increasingly used outside the bath and kitchen areas. They are being installed in commercial spaces and in other residential areas such as in living rooms as fireplace surrounds.


Featured Tile: EMT_ALWF11-SIL-CB


Installing stainless steel, aluminum or even copper tiles as a fireplace surround is a quick and lasting solution at a reasonable cost to renovate your existing fireplace without having to destroy and rebuild it.

Metal tiles are installed just like any other tile, as shown on the pictures below. In many cases, you can just install the tiles directly over the existing tiles.


Featured Tile: EMT_110-SIL-SM


However, please note this is not always the case, and is not the accepted recommended option in the industry. You would normally need to remove the old tiles before installing the new ones.

Once this is done, you would just apply the mortar or thinset to the wall, then the tile and finally the non-sanded grout when needed since not all metallic tiles require grouting.

Detailed wall tile installation instructions can be found on this site at the following link:

Installation Instructions

If you would like to give a new look to your existing fireplace, consider the advantages of using a metal tile. Most metallic tiles are fire-resistant, easy to clean, very durable, low maintenance and can sustain fireplace-related wall temperature changes without breaking or shifting.

Stainless steel and aluminum tiles also tend to go well with a variety of room décor designs, be it transitional, contemporary, modern, Mediterranean, rustic, urban… Further, the metal finish of stainless steel or aluminum tiles reflects light naturally, giving it a visual depth and color array unsurpassed by any other material and even making the room brighter when installed near or in front of a window.

If you are thinking of remodeling your fireplace surround, consider using a metal tile for your project. It may well become a conversational centerpiece with your friends, neighbors and family for years to come.


Featured Rendered Tile: EMT_115-MIX-CB