Should you add a border edge to your metal backsplash installation (stainless steel, copper, aluminum)?

As seen on the images below, border edge liners are typically used to finish a stainless steel tile or aluminum tile installation that ends in the middle of a wall.


EMT_TB335-SIL-SM border liner with EMT_MM03-SIL-SM backsplash metal tile

Featured Tiles: EMT_MM03-SIL-SM with the EMT_TB335-SIL-SM border liner

EMT_061-MIX-CB metal tile with EMT_TB335-SIL-SM border liner

Featured Tiles: EMT_061-MIX-CB with the EMT_TB335-SIL-SM border liner


They are also used as accent liners to enhance wall designs in kitchen backsplashes or bathrooms.

The use of a bullnose border edge trim has become well established over time and is now a staple in the stainless steel wall tile design industry. Its bold look and design stand out, and gives any project an elegant finished edge.

EMT_TB335-SIL-SM metal border liner
EMT_TB335-SIL-SM bullnose border liner


With the advent of minimalist designs, homeowners, designers and builders are now looking for border trims that can naturally blend into the newer contemporary wall designs and finish off its edge more seamlessly.

As shown on the picture below, we have recently introduced a flat, rectangular-shaped snow matte silver stainless steel wall liner that allows any transitional or contemporary stainless steel designs to blend effortlessly, thus creating an elegant and modern finished look to any residential, industrial or commercial space.

EMT_TB447-SIL-SM metal border liner
EMT_TB447-SIL-SM Flat border liner


However, border liners are not necessarily needed in all designs that finish in the middle of a wall. Below is for example an image of a stainless steel backsplash design that did not require any border liner.


EMT_110-SIL-SM backsplash metal tile


The kitchen backsplash was actually designed to represent the mountains in the distance; the edge was left to flow free form. 

This beautiful kitchen in Calgary was published in Fine Home Building magazine June 2015, and features the Stainless Steel Backsplash Store (Eden Mosaic Tile) River Rock Pattern Mosaic Stainless Steel Tile - EMT_110-SIL-SM 


EMT_110-SIL-SM backsplash metal tile


So, should you add a border edge to your metal backsplash installation?

There is actually no rule set in stone when it comes to finishing the edge of a stainless steel, aluminum or even copper backsplash design. It all depends on whether you would prefer to see a finished edge to your design.

Just as the person who created this free form kitchen backsplash edge decided to follow the line of the Rocky Mountains that can be seen in the distance, you could also be creative and create other types of free form edges. For example, your backsplash design could represent nature aspects (waves, plants, etc.), art aspects (taken from modern or classical art pieces), or any other creative finished edge that would give a special meaning to your design.

In the end it is all really up to you and your imagination to come up with the right backsplash design for your kitchen or bathroom. As the saying goes ‘think outside the box’ and see where creativity could lead you to!

If nothing else works for you, the stainless steel border edge tiles will be there to help you create the elegant finished project you have been looking for!