Black Stainless With Black Wave Glass Mosaic Tile (EMT_1302-MIX-SM)
Black Stainless With Black Wave Glass Mosaic Tile (EMT_1302-MIX-SM)

Black Stainless With Black Wave Glass Mosaic Tile (EMT_W1302-MIX-SM) Backsplash & Wall

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This unique interlocking stainless steel and glass mosaic mixed tile features a modern black finish. The metal mixed brick pattern has black stainless steep pieces complemented by randomly placed silver-backed glass mosaic tile with embedded black waves.

This tile is mainly black, as shown on the photos.

  • Model Number / SKU: EMT_W1302-MIX-SM
  • Material: Metal And Glass Mix - Snow Matte Finish
  • Square Feet / Sheet: 0.97 sqft.
  • Sheet Size: 11.8"x11.8"
  • Mosaic Piece Size: Various Sizes (8mm thick)
  • Mounted On Mesh Sheet: Yes
  • Grout Required:¬†Yes - Non-sanded or epoxy grout
  • Ships From:¬†OH, USA


  • You may order¬†one sample per style, up to¬†five different samples.
  • Each sample costs $1, samples¬†are not returnable.
  • We charge¬†a flat $12 shipping fee on¬†sample orders (with¬†max¬†5 samples) for US48 shipping.¬†

Each sheet of this tile will cover 0.97 square feet. To calculate how many sheets you need for your project simply divide your total square footage by 0.97 then round up to the next whole number. For example, if your project was 20 square feet you would need 20/0.97 = 21 sheets/pieces of this tile. We also recommend ordering 10% more tile than calculated to account for errors, miscuts and overages.

For additional help on measuring your backsplash and determining how much tile you need please click here.

This stainless steel mosaic tile is comprised of a real stainless steel "cap" attached to a ceramic backing. This provides two obvious advantages, the first being cost. Solid metal mosaic pieces would significantly increase the cost of the tile to an unattainable amount. Secondly, it would be very hard to cut a solid 8mm thick piece of stainless steel.

For installation and grouting instructions, please click here.