Eden Mosaic Tile Antique Copper Trim Edge Liner - EMT_TB555-COP-AT
Eden Mosaic Tile

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Copper Mosaic Tile > Eden Mosaic Tile Antique Copper Trim Edge Liner - EMT_TB555-COP-AT

Copper Mosaic Tile-Antique Copper Trim Edge Liner


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Antique Copper Trim Edge Liner


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$15 USD / Per Piece($375 / Per Sq.Ft.)

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This copper trim liner is typically used to frame or delineate two different tile designs, or finish a copper tile installation that ends in the middle of a wall.

Each piece is 11.75" long and 1/2" wide (8 mm thick) and is made with a real piece of copper that has an antique finish to match most of our copper tiles. The copper cap does not fully cover all sides of the liner (see close-up photo). This copper trim border tile is ideal for copper kitchen backsplash, accent wall, fireplace surround, tub surround, bathroom wall, and bath backsplash wall projects. Please note the calculator below does not return linear values. To find out how many border edge tiles you would need to create a finished edge, add up all the side lengths you would like to border tile (in inches), add 10% to it, divide it by 12 and round it up to get the total number of border edge tiles your project would require.


0.04 SqFt. Per Piece.

How Do I Calculate My Square Footage?

Use this calculator below to determine how many pieces you will need for your project. Simply type the square footage of your project into the square footage field, then click on the "Calculate" button.

Project Calculator:
Square Footage: sq. ft.
Pieces Required: pieces

Please Note: It is recommended that you order at least 10% more sheets of tile to account for overages due to cutting mistakes and tile pattern fit. Simply multiply the "Sheets Required" number by 1.1 to determine the adjusted quantity to order.


11.75" x 0.5"

0.04 sq. ft.

11.75"x 0.5" (8 mm thick)

Loose Tile.

Mosaic Tile Installation Guide & FAQ

Eden Mosaic Tile


This copper trim tile is comprised of a real copper "cap" attached to a ceramic backing. This provides two obvious advantages, the first being cost. Solid metal mosaic pieces would significantly increase the cost of the tile to an unattainable amount. Secondly, it would be very hard to cut a solid 8mm thick piece of copper.

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