About Our Company

A quality stainless steel backsplash has until recently been unattainable to many home owners. The original Italian made stainless steel mosaic tiles were made of solid stainless steel and incredibly expensive to manufacture and purchase, making it impractical for most kitchen and bathroom backsplash installations.

However, manufacturing technology has finally made a quality, affordable stainless steel backsplash possible.

Since 2009, Eden Mosaic Tile has been one of the only online retailers specializing in selling specialty metal tiles. Our metal mosaics are available in a variety of materials including stainless steel, aluminum and copper and a variety of shapes and patterns. All of our mosaic tiles are mounted on mesh sheets to make installation a breeze and can be installed just like regular ceramic or glass tiles, no special training is required.

Our website was created with a passion for unique home designs and an understanding of what an important feature a quality stainless steel backsplash can be in a kitchen or bathroom. We are dedicated to offering some of the most unique, modern and contemporary metal tile products at an affordable price.

Our passion for modern design and high end home décor has given us the ability to offer some of the most intriguing and unique modern tile designs available. We would like to formally invite you to experience our line of products in the comfort of your own home.

We are able to offer ultra competitive pricing on metal mosaic tile products, often as much as 70% lower than traditional brick and mortar retailers. Our company is a direct importer that deals with a select amount of factories overseas that produce these products for us.

A traditional retailer buys product from a distributor, then marks it up for the consumer, effectively increasing the end cost to you. We ARE the distributor, dealing directly with the factories and selling direct to the consumer, cutting out a layer of costs. 

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Eden Mosaic Tile is a Naples, Florida based importer and distributor of high end home products. We utilize the UPS and FedEx logistics network to ensure prompt delivery of all products to customers throughout North America and even worldwide.