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Eden Mosaic Tile, Leading Provider of Metal Mosaic Tiles, Adds A New Aged Copper Mosaic Tile To Its Metal Tile Collection

Spring 2018 - NAPLES

Eden Mosaic Tile is pleased to introduce a new copper mosaic tile to its copper metal tile collection. The new 12.3" x 11.4" tile answers the market demand for an aged penny round copper version of this popular tile design.



The Stainless Steel Backsplash Store Green Antique Patina Penny Round Copper Tile (EMT_T56-COP-AT)

If you love the look of old copper with the green patina, you will love this tile. You do not need to wait a lifetime anymore to see your copper wall project develop a verdigris patina over time. Enjoy the grace and beauty of old copper on your wall design or restoration project instantly with this tile.


This tile is made of real copper pieces that have been artificially aged to show a green verdigris patina, such as is seen in gracefully aged homes.  We are offering this artificially aged tile in the penny round pattern, which is a popular design of mosaic tile that is used on many wall applications.


Create a timeless and instant awe inspiring effect with these aged penny round copper tiles!


This tile can be used on a variety of wall projects, including but not limited to kitchen backsplash, entrance hallway, fireplace, tub surround, accent wall, bath backsplash or bathroom wall. This tile also applies to a variety of wall styles, such as rustic, farmhouse, modern, mid-century and industrial. 


We also offer the penny round tile in stainless steel. If you are looking for a more contemporary look, we invite you to check it out below.



Penny Round Pattern Mosaic Stainless Steel Tile (EMT_056-SIL-SM - DISCONTINUED) 5 mm thick - The 8 mm thick version might also be available


Whether in copper or stainless steel, the penny-round classic design can be used for all your indoor and covered/semi-covered outdoor wall applications.




Eden Mosaic Tile, Leading Provider of Metal Mosaic Tiles, Continues to Expand Its Copper Tile Collection by adding a Large Brick Antique Copper Mosaic Tile To Its Metal Tile Collection

Fall 2017 - NAPLES

Eden Mosaic Tile is pleased to introduce a new large brick copper mosaic tile to its copper metal tile collection. The new 11.8"x 11.9" copper tile made of 3" by 6" copper bricks answers the market demand for a large copper brick style.


Large Brick Antique Copper Mosaic Tile (EMT_T21-COP-AT)

These large 3" by 6" brick copper mosaic tiles look gracefully aged to adorn your kitchen backsplash, bathroom backsplash, and other wall décor applications.

The beautiful antiqued copper finish gives each one its own unique identity with varying shades of brown and copper colors, and ultimately makes for an unforgettable copper kitchen backsplash, entrance hallway, accent wall, fireplace surround or bathroom wall.

This copper mosaic tile is made with real pieces of copper that have an antique finish with shades of gold, copper and brown. 

This copper tile design can be used for all your indoor and covered/semi-covered outdoor wall applications.


Eden Mosaic Tile, Leading Provider of Metal Mosaic Tiles, Adds A New Copper Mosaic Tile To Its Metal Tile Collection

Spring 2016 - MIAMI 

Eden Mosaic Tile is pleased to introduce a new copper mosaic tile to its metal tile collection. The new 11.8"x11.8" tile answers the market demand for a cobblestone copper version of this popular tile design.

Cobble Pattern Antique Copper Mosaic Tile (EMT_MM20-COP-AT)

The Eden Mosaic Tile Cobble Pattern Antique Copper Mosaic Tile – (EMT_MM20-COP-AT)

Inspired by the antique cobblestone streets of Europe, this copper mosaic tile features three different sizes of tile, including a large square, small square and medium brick. This tile is ideal for copper kitchen backsplashes, accent walls, fireplace surrounds, bathroom walls and bathroom back splashes. 

This tile pattern has become well established in the design industry, and is regularly portrayed as a transitional tile for updated kitchens with old-world charm or in elegant homes, restaurants or commercial spaces.

The cobblestone pattern has been used in a variety of tile designs. Due to its popularity, this pattern is also available in other type of materials, namely ceramic, glass and stainless steel.

 Below are the metal tiles we currently offer with the cobblestone pattern.

Modern Cobble Pattern Stainless Steel Mosaic Tile (EMT_MM18-SIL-SM)  Modern Cobble Stainless Steel With Silver Glass Tile (EMT_501-MIX-BM)

EMT_MM18-SIL-SM           EMT_501-MIX-BM

 Roman Pattern Stainless Steel And Pewter Accents Tile (EMT_262-MIX-SM)  


Eden Mosaic Tile is now proud to introduce to the market a copper variation of this well-recognized pattern. The new tile is made of real copper with an antique finish. The tile will sure add that perfect touch to transitional kitchen remodels or new builds wanting that old world charm.

Cobble Pattern Antique Copper Mosaic Tile – (EMT_MM20-COP-AT)

The 11.8” by 11.8” metal mosaic tile comes with mesh backing and is sold via the sku # EMT_MM20-COP-AT. Its classic design can be used for all your indoor or covered/semi-covered outdoor wall applications.


Eden Mosaic Tile ( and, Leading Provider of Metal Mosaic Tiles Receives Award for Customer Satisfaction 

Article Published on Mar. 12, 2015 - MIAMI -- Eden Mosaic Tile received the Best of Houzz 2015 award for Client Satisfaction. This award is given to the Houzz partner that is rated at the highest level for client satisfaction by the Houzz community. Eden Mosaic Tile also received the same Best of Houzz award in 2013. Eden Mosaic Tile's mission is to lead the field in customer service while providing an attractive range of high quality metal backsplash tiles. The company thanks its customers and partners for their support. The post of these awards can be viewed at 


Metal Backsplash Tiles by Eden Mosaic Tile 

Article Published on Mar. 11, 2015 - MIAMI -- Learn about backsplash tiles and how these decorative metal mosaic tiles are being used to enhance a variety of inside spaces in residences and businesses.

What is a metal backsplash tile? Well, just as the name suggests it is a metal tile used for backsplash protection in kitchens. At least that is how it started out-now these decorative metal mosaic tiles (generally referred to as metal tiles) are used for a variety of applications well beyond kitchen backsplash protection. Over time, this concept has captured the imagination of homeowners and designers. Today metal tiles are used to beautify kitchens, bathrooms, hallways, offices, covered patios, and more…..we are only limited by our imagination. The growing popularity of these metal tiles has been driven by their elegant design, lightweight nature, easy to install and maintain characteristics.

The first point to look at when selecting a metal tile for your project is the metal type-you can have tiles in Stainless Steel, Aluminum and Copper. Each has its own characteristics based on finish, texture, weight, design so you should see what best fits your application. For example, if you are looking for tiles with intricate mosaic patterns the Stainless Steel tiles will probably work best as they have more diversity in patterns with features like inlaid glass work. On the other hand if you looking for a sleek, straight line look the Aluminum tiles may be better suited. Once you choose the metal, you have a range of designs available so see what works best for your targeted space. There is no right or wrong answer so just choose the pattern that makes the statement you want to make.

Therefore, the key to a successful project is working with a brand that provides a wide choice of high quality metal tiles. At Eden Mosaic Tile you can find an enticing array of selections in Stainless Steel, Aluminum, or Copper tiles. Eden Mosaic Tile is available online at their own websites as well as several of their partner sites and retail locations. Eden Mosaic Tile has several years of experience providing customer solutions, to end users and designers, for decorative metal tiles in the USA and Canada. They have established a reputation for their high quality product selection along with their responsive customer service. Please visit us at or to learn how we can help with your project.



Older News 2012-2014

Eden Mosaic Tile Introduces Expanded Line Of Metal Backsplash Tile

Article Published on May 1, 2013 - Ontario, Canada -- Eden adds additional 3D aluminum tiles and unique glass and metal mixed mosaics to its growing line. Eden Mosaic Tile, the premiere importer and distributor of stainless steel backsplash tiles, is proud to introduce their expanded line of metal tiles. The addition of the new products brings the total number of unique metal designs to 37, more than any other tile manufacturer or distributor on the market. "We have noticed an increase demand for unique backsplash materials, specifically in the 3D category." says Shawn Gusz, sales director for According to Gusz, 3D metal mosaic tiles are mosaics that have different heights, giving them a different depth and surface profile than the individual pieces they abut. This creates a 3D effect where parts of the backsplash is raised and parts are sunk, quite out of the normal when you consider that most installations have a completely flat profile. Eden Mosaic Tile originally started as an importer and distributor of all types of mosaic tile, including glass, stone and metal, but has since dropped their glass and stone line to focus strictly on its metal offerings. "The tile industry is quite competitive, and I don't see any advantage to offering products like glass mosaic which is similar to what everyone else offers, so we decided to focus on a niche in the market and serve it extremely well," says Gusz. Eden Mosaic Tile has also expanded its line of stainless steel backsplash materials to include additional models such as a stainless steel and crackled glass mix and even metal tiles with reticulate and fingerprint patterns embedded in the metal surface. Home design trends are always changing but metal backsplashes are not a fad. According to Gusz, "Stainless steel appliances are now the norm in the majority of kitchens, in fact when you walk into a kitchen and see white or black appliances most people would consider that to be outdated. So I don't believe metal backsplashes are a fad or a trend, because they compliment stainless steel appliances so well. I believe it's something that will be 'in' for a notable duration." For more information on the updated line of metal mosaic tiles by Eden Mosaic Tile, visit


Eden Mosaic Tile Reveals the Trendiest Shiny Tile Products on the Market

Article Published on July 26, 2012 - Ontario, Canada -- The Internet’s premier retailer of glass mosaic and specialty metal tile,, features the hottest tile products on the market, as revealed in the latest 2012 National Kitchen and Bath Association Design Competition. The recent NKBA Design Competition established the top 10 most popular kitchen and bath trends. Chosen out of nearly 500 designs, glossy finishes and fixtures arose as one of the most prevalent trends.

According to the 2012 NKBA Design Competition results, “shimmering surfaces, shining fixtures, high-sheen finishes, and perfectly placed lighting accents are a prominent personality trait of current kitchens.”

Eden Mosaic Tile specializes in a wide range of shiny metal tile products that are in line with the recently revealed bathroom and kitchen trends. The company offers tile made from stainless steel, copper and aluminum, providing homeowners with a large variety of style and design options, including multitude of patterns and textures.

For most homeowners, the kitchen is not only a place to cook, bake and prepare meals, it is also a place to mingle with friends and family, to discuss the day’s events and to share memories and some of life’s most enjoyable moments. Therefore, having a kitchen that is reflective of a person’s needs and style is essential is creating the ultimate atmosphere.

Eden Mosaic Tile features quality, affordable metal tile, as well as a unique line of glass and stone tile.

According to, “Our metal tile and glass tile mosaics are ideal for residential and commercial use in applications such as backsplashes in the kitchen or bathroom, fireplace surrounds, accent walls and more. Installation of our stainless steel tile sheets is easy and creates a phenomenal modern conversation piece when finished.”

In addition to its quality and cost-effective pricing, the tile from is simple to install for a quick updated look. Homeowners can measure the area of their kitchen’s backsplash or bathroom’s walls, order the appropriate amount of tile from the site, apply the tile with adhesive and finish up with a complementary grout color.

For those people looking to implement a hint of exotic flair in their home, Eden Mosaic Tile also offers a Wood Mosaic Tile collection. Homeowners can choose from an array of real wood tile, including teak, white oak and chocolate oak, and apply it the same way they would a ceramic or glass tile.

For more information about the stunning tile collections available from Eden Mosaic Tile, visit