Magic With Metal Mosaic Tiles

One of the biggest trends in tile installation and design is the integration of metal mosaic tiles.

Metal tiles, whether stainless steel, aluminum or copper, are a great choice when you choose to combine metal with other tile materials such as stone, glass, ceramic, and wood. Use metals tile as the main element in a tile design or they can be used as an accent tile adding to any tile design you may have.

There are many ways metal tiles can be used on any type of project indoors or outdoors. Selections include embossed patterns, textures, and metallic finishes. Real metal tiles are easy to install and are very durable.

We will take a short look at the many ways that stainless steel, aluminum and copper tiles can be used.

Backsplashes for the Kitchen.

One of the most common ways that metal tiles are used is backsplashes in kitchens. With the industrial look becoming more and more common, many different types of metal designs have been created to accommodate for this movement. Metals are a great way to add a rich design element that will tie in with the appliances you may have. The metal tile will also compliment the hardware choice that is used on many cabinets. Metal tiles are not only beautiful they are also hygienic and are easy to clean.


Another very popular way that metal tiles are used is on the countertop. You can design a surface that has the look you really want with the metal tile options that are available to you. Metal tiles and accents are a great way to add a rich and elegant look to any cabinets no matter what type or style of cabinets you have. Mix and match tile sizes, textures, colors, and finishes to create your own distinctive patterns. Metal countertops are also very easy to keep clean.

Tiled Flooring.

Spruce up the look of any tile floor by incorporating metal tiles. Thousands of design possibilities exist for you to choose from when you combine metal tiles with stone or wood surfaces. While not all metal tiles are graded for flooring applications, silver aluminum metal tiles are a good choice for non-wet flooring applications since they are very durable and will stand up to the constant pounding of foot traffic in heavy traveled parts of your home.

Accent Pieces

Decorative solid metal accent tiles can easily be added to solid material tiles such as ceramic, stone, or wood. Create a dynamic look in your home or office with color, texture, and metallic luster. The thickness of the metal tile accents will match the thickness of many tiles that are used so they integrate smoothly. Metal tiles can be used as accent pieces and full wall décor applications in bedrooms, entrance hallways and other wall areas. Lightweight aluminum tiles can also be used as ceiling décor applications.

Fireplace Hearths and Mantels.

One of the great focal points of any den, family, or great room is the fireplace. Metal fireplace surrounds and hearths are available to make your main focal point of these rooms stand out the most. Great looking metal fireplace surround tiles are available to add a one of a kind look of style and elegance.

Metal mosaic tiles can be purchased in many different sizes and shapes to match the décor you have in mind. Be sure to check out our line of metal tiles to see the wide range of stainless steel, copper and aluminum mosaic tiles that are available for you to choose from.